The Holt Society Garden Party in the Walled Garden of Jane Hales’ Lawns House

We have agreed to host a 50th anniversary of the Holt Society in the walled garden of The Lawns House on the 5th of May 2015. So, whoever comes to stay with us at The Lawns House on that day will have a celebration added in to the experience. Here is a link to the Holt Society announcement

Approved Wedding Venue inspection

We have just been inspected by the  Norfolk County Council as the final step in obtaining a license to be an Approved Wedding Venue, and hoping to receive our license very soon.

We also going to feature in the first edition of “Marry in Norfolk” magazine as one of the brand new venues.

It took some seven months of work and about £10,000 to get to the standard of safety required by the law. We are very much looking forward to having our first wedding at The Lawns Estate.