Seabass fishing



Recently we had a lodger Tony moving in with us – he is absolutely amazing. After being a monk for 7 years, and living on an island where he had to fish for food every day, he knows a thing or two about going fishing.

The picture is our 16kg catch of just one evening between the two of us, with just a rod each, from the local shore.

Tony will take you sea bass fishing, even if you are a complete novice, at £150 for one evening, per person. Rods/tackle/bait is provided. Catch is not guaranteed, but Tony catches more often than not.


The blog is back

We missed having a blog, as it records our progress and communicates to our guests that we are a real and growing business.

Recent developments:

1. The Lawns Spa Apartment, was launched in July 2013, and exceeded our best expectations. It is the most comfortable and stylish holiday apartment or a hotel I ever stayed at, the location of it is could not be better, plentiful parking (this is a great privilege for Holt), so its popularity, even though is surprising to us, is not really a surprise to the onlookers.

2. The Lawns House as a Wedding Venue. I was pestered into applying to register as an Approved Wedding Venue by a couple who want to get married at The Lawns House. They said the house is “perfect”, and that “there is no other like it”. Being a suggestible person I said “of course, why not”. I immediately knew that even though it seems like a straightforward enough proposition, obtaining a license would be a lot of work and expense. The cost of the license is bad enough, but the cost of the fire regulations compliance is just crazy.

Well, six months and many thousands of pounds later, we are very near to getting our license. We already taking bookings, estimated date for obtaining the license is the end of September 2014. If you feel like getting married soon in a lovely, completely fire safe place, give us a call.

3. Fibre broadband. Central Holt has just been upgraded this summer, and we are having the Fibre Broadband put in on the 2nd of September, for the benefit of the entire estate.

4. Hot tub. Constructed in March 2014. We were held up by the builders, so it was put in later than expected. The tub is really a great addition, and is extremely popular.