Proposed apartment architectural drawing

Here is an architect’s drawing of our idea what the flat should be like.

The space is huge, almost 500 square feet, and the idea is to have an independent access to the shower/toilet from both rooms, so that privacy is maintained.

Also, to use the space fully, we’re thinking of putting a hideaway bed in the bigger room, so that it can double up as a sitting room.

There are 2 very nice fireplaces there, with the main fireplace probably being fitted with a good stove.

There is lots of work to be done, but we have to wait for the conservation consent and the planning permission, which is expensive, time consuming and annoying, but has to be done….





The Lawns Appartment progress.

Our 2 bedroom apartment in central Holt is edging forward. Today we had a Power Networks technician coming to assess the job of moving 2 electricity meters, and a Heritage statement was prepared for the planning application.

Here is a very interesting document going back to seventeen’s century. We know for sure that those rooms were used as a kitchen and a surgery reception, then a flat, and then a shop. And now it is gong back to being a flat, although the most luxurious flat in the history of the house….




Street sign

A street sign advertising our whereabouts is finally up! I had no idea that putting up a sign can be such a long road.

First we got told off by the planners that our sign was too big. Then no sign company was interested in making a sign, to my unending amazement.

Then, having made the sign, we realised that we were misled by the planners, and that we are allowed to have a sign FOUR TIMES bigger than what we made, because we’re not dentists or solicitors, but an accommodation business…

Then there is a question of how to put the damn thing up – so off to engineering company who would make a rig of cast iron.

And today, finally, the rig is in the ground, and the sign is up. One quarter size. I will gather my strength, save up some money, and get a proper size sign made, but not until we got used to this one…..


Broadband upgrade

Well, our wireless broadband went down last Wednesday, and as it was 4 years ago that it was set up, I decided to upgrade it to the latest 802.11n Dual WAN ADSL2+, whatever that means.

The coverage, stability and speed all have improved dramatically after I replaced all of the electronic bits today, so now even the XBOX downstairs gets a good signal, which will allow for network play. gets its own blog!


I have decided to create this blog as there is so much going on here at The Lawns Holiday Home

The Mongolian yurt project has been put on hold for the time being, because we have another project starting next week – we are creating a modern 2 bedroom flat on the same estate as The Lawns in central Holt, so expanding our bedroom capacity.

We expect the new flat will sleep 2 couples in 2 bedrooms, plus extra 2 sleeping places on the sofa in the sitting room so potentially sleeping 6 people.

We plan to have the flat available as soon as possible, hopefully before Christmas 2012.